A book for the new young

Sam meets a strange man at his door, his mother cries, they go to Chicago to uncover the truth.

In the new digital world being a quarter aged young person is harder than it has ever been. Twenty Two follows Sam, a twenty two year old lost in a sea of opportunity and missed chances who has to burrow through family dramas, cultural issues and managing a relationship in tatters.Twenty Two is sharp and confronting, you will see yourselves in the characters whilst both hating and loving them.

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  • Arts & Entertainment Fiction
    Language: English / Published: 03 December 2013


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    Adam Meyers

    I am a writer and fighter from Melbourne, Australia. I am a Taekwondo Black Belt who has fought all over the world. My writing has been published in Mary Journal, Seizure, Literati Magazine, Ninemsn and TwiTip. I have written three larger pieces of work, two short novels, Twenty Two and How to Leave a Room and a short story collection Dark Sun.


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